House Vodka

House Vodka

Our Premium House Vodka, is a clean and easy drinking, Cane Based Neutral Spirit. It’s sweet taste and creamy mouthfeel, make it perfect for both basic spirits and classic cocktails.

40% Abv • 700ml • 22.1 standard drinks approx.


Tasting Notes
Nose: Green Sugar Cane and Black Pepper.
Taste:  Grassy Sweetness and Vanilla Cream.
Finish: Peppery Spice and Warm Rye.
How to Serve
We recommend serving over ice with your choice of quality Soda or Sparkling Mineral Water, with the addition of fresh Citrus.

Recommended Cocktail

Heritage Exchange Distilling Co - House Vodka Featured Cocktail - Moscow Mule
Moscow Mule

In a Copper Mug, add:
- 4 Lime Chunks (Muddled)
- 40ml House Vodka

Fill with ice, top with Ginger Beer and churn.
Garnish with a Mint Sprig.

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